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New Suetables fashion video - watch it, love it and share it.


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July 5, 2012 - 12:19pm -- Anonymous (not verified)


My "space" used to be a little office under the stairs in our unfinished basement. My "space" has expanded to a larger office with big windows beside my front hall - where clients drop in daily by appointment.

My real office "domain", however, is online.

My Facebook Rep page (now 22 reps) provides daily interactions, comments and feedback. These incredibly talented and interesting women are my "virtual office mates". My entrepreneur group, through The Mogul Mom, is an online forum where we inspire, 'bitch', blog and share ideas.

As a small online business, marketing has to be creative and virtual too. Many online business experts/bloggers suggest that every product needs a video to promote your brand. So, my director friend, Jill, suggested we shoot my recent photo shoot with Gemini Nominee Lauren Lee Smith (CTV's The Listener).

So, with a hand-held shoot and click camera and the help of more film and artisitc friends, all of the sudden we had a team and this one-minute piece was produced, edited and created.

The "creative community" knows about working with no budget. There is an impressive willingness to support each other's creative endeavours with both their time and expertise.

I am in awe of the generous time donated. So, I would like to thank:

Jill Carter, Director

Monica Remba, Editor

Lauren Lee Smith, actress/model

Annabel Carter, model

Brownyn McLaughlin, model

Sara Murakami, model

Eric Steingroever, photographer

Clare Cashman, "make it happener"

For a video to do well in social media, it needs to be shareable. So, I hope you watch it, love it and share it with friends.

Peace, love and blue smarties*,

*credit: my friend KC

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