Your word just might be your motivator

We all have a deeply human need to direct our lives. We all know from the Rolling Stones that, “you can’t always get what you want.”

I believe that by finding reminders and creating intentions to direct your life, sometimes you really can get what you want.

In life we talk a lot about the “how” as in, “here’s how we will do it,” and “here’s how we will achieve our goals.” We rarely discuss the why - as in, “here’s why I am living this way.” What is your intention? What gets you up in the morning?

If you don’t like the answer, toss it out until you come up with a word or a few words that you like.

Anyone who’s built a business or run a marathon can attest to the fact that you spend more time grinding through difficult tasks than basking in applause. Sometimes a motivating word or sentence helps. My good friend, Linton, shared with me her marathon mantra, “pain is temporary, pride is forever.”

Another friend, who tends to be more serious, stamps “joy” on her charm as a reminder to find more levity in her life.

Your motivation is deeply personal and only you know the word(s) that resonate with you

We know that the richest experiences in life aren’t when we are clamoring for validation from others - but when we are listening to our own voice. What does yours say?

We would be honored to stamp your word(s) on a charm which could be used as a compass, reminder or whisper. Your word just might be your motivator.