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Your life. Your word. Your Suetables.


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October 30, 2011 - 12:27pm -- Anonymous (not verified)

We all have cracks to fill, quiet wishes in our hearts.

People often select a word for the year and it becomes a kind of theme or talisman. It reflects where they are at or what they want. It can be aspirational or inspirational.

When I was going through a challenging time, I wore a pendant that said, LIVE YOUR TRUTH. Now, as I rush around in my daily life, I wear one that says LIVE THE MOMENT which is to remind me to slow down and enjoy. Last year, I had three words: SHOW UP, SHINE, LET IT GO. 

If you like this idea, I would be honored to create a custom word necklace, bracelet or charm for you. The letters are not blackened so it it really a subtle reminder – just for you. When we tell our stories, we bring attention to what is real. We become mindful about our life. Hopefully, we find our way to a happier place and we fill the void in our life with something purposeful.

Words I have hand stamped for people include SIMPLIFY, JOY (they want more it!), BALANCE, STRENGTH, DREAM IT BELIEVE IT, FAITH, LAUGH, LIVE NOW, BE PRESENT, LIVE WITH NO REGRETS, FAITH, RISE ABOVE, I WILL, BREATHE or even just BEGIN. Sometimes a stamped date, like 01 01 99, marks a beginning of something, an anniversary, a birth or the end of chemotherapy treatment.

A cancer survivor from Toronto had me stamp SURVIVOR on a charm. Every year, for the next five years, I stamped a number to add to her collection – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Our Montreal rep, whose Dad suffers from Alzheimers, has his “words to live by ” letter pressed onto her charms, never to be forgotten:   SHOW UP, AIM HIGH, TRY HARD, BE LOYAL, MAKE OTHERS BETTER.

A NYC scientist had a husband who was always pushing/encouraging her -  to go on adventurous trips, to buy a second home, to have another baby – found herself always resisting the changes he suggested. Despite her reluctance, her husband’s “wild” ideas (once she finally agreed) were always positive change for her and her family. She asked me to stamped JUST SAY YES on a pendant for her. Her husband loved it!

Another old colleague of mine, a TV executive, felt that she was too inside her comfort zone. She ordered OPPOSITE GEORGE on a Lou Lou bangle. Of course, I had to ask why. She explained that this was a cryptic and humorous reminder that came from the TV comedySeinfeld. The character in the show, George, realized his decisions in life were not working for him. Women did not respond to his advances. So, he started doing the opposite to what his instincts were. For example, when he met a woman he liked, instead of lying about how successful her was, he said, “Hi, my name is George. I find you very attractive. I am unemployed and I live with my parents.”  The result of doing the opposite: the hot woman was totally enamored with George.

I was not surprised to hear that, armed with OPPOSITE GEORGE on her wrist, my former work colleague took a break from her high-powered job. She travelled around Asia – with her charm clinking around her arm as as gentle whisper to change and to embrace life with humor and honesty.

We all have cracks to fill, quiet wishes in our hearts. What is yours?


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