When the road turns - uphill

Tracy Dort-Kyne, 41, was biking downhill when she, catastrophically, fell into a ditch. In one instant, she became a quadriplegic.

In one instant, her life changed. Forever.

Tracy is a daughter, an athlete, a sister, a friend and a single mother of three boys.

I met Tracy when our 10-year olds took swimming lessons together a few years ago. We sat poolside and bonded about being single moms and the challenges we faced. Tracy with her positive approach, animated stories and wide smile, made me laugh and lifted my spirits. Little did we know how much she was going to have to call upon that positive spirit. Little did we know that her challenges were about to get so much larger. Tracy’s road is now uphill.

Featured in November 12th’s Globe & Mail http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health/medicares-no-match-for-catast..., it has become increasingly clear, that on a daily basis, Tracy will need to incur immense medical expenses to support her own daily needs - not to mention raise her three boys.

So, when Tracy’s friend approached me to help raise funds through my online jewelry business, the timing was right. My custom sterling silver wishbone had just been cast. It beautiful, fashionable and fun - like Tracy.

So this holiday season, purchase a $50 sterling silver Tracy wishbone necklace and make a wish for Tracy. All proceeds will go to helping Tracy and her boys.*

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