When life gives you lemons, ask for salt and tequila.

After a small spiral of self pity, I wasn’t sure if I was going to tackle this blog today but the eternal teenager in me loves the phrase, “When life gives you lemons, ask for salt and tequila:” So, I couldn’t resist.

This week, we returned from March Break to find our door open, the car stolen, my beloved Apple Computer (with no back up pre 2009) and half our Suetables jewelry inventory GONE! The robbers hit the jack pot! I

was left with a sick pit in my stomach. My head was spinning.

My first worry, strangely, was not the thousands of stollen goods, lack of business insurance or how I will rebuild my line. It was: my family photographs and my deceased father’s favorite possession: his family signet ring passed on to each generation since 1886.

Since I could not and did not sleep, I stayed awake most of last night with my unlocked/broken back door thinking about gratitude, perspective and what is important.

Everything that was stollen were THINGS.

I have - my health, my children, running water, a roof over my head, a business, family and a partner to be grateful for...more than most people if you spend any time watching CBC’s The National these days.

While the thieves totally emptied both my bedroom jewelry boxes, they miraculously left my father’s signet ring along with one hand stamped worn circle pendant - stuck in my jewelry box - that said: LOVE.

So whenever you find yourself in a spiral of self-pity and life gives you lemons, suck out all the vitamin C or in my case maybe even plan a trip to Mexico or Thailand to replace the stollen jewelry and create new and better designs. (Oh...and get an alarm system, new locks, light sensors, window film and a kick-*ss safe. Thanks Police Division 53)