Crystal starfish necklace


Give her her first personalized charm necklace - a take on the classic charm bracelet. This is the perfect necklace to add shine to any outfit.

Crystals have gone through a geologic process of heating, cooling and displacement. As a result, crystals contain a field of energy and they are known to enhance wellbeing.

The starfish Swarovski crystal is 3/4" round and the Little Linton charm is 1/2" round. Fits up to 12 letters. 5 letters free, $1/additional letter.

Includes one starfish ($10) and one Little Linton charm ($22). However, you can add charms to this over time - making it a personalized collection for your tween.

Note: a 14" chain is for a child age 10 and under.

Chain featured above is a popcorn chain.

Chain is extra.
14": $26 (age 10 and under)
16": $32
18": $35
24": $45
30": $50
33": $60

32.00 CAD
A-Z, & or 0-9, 5 letters free, $1/letter after 5.
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