Billy anchor charm necklace.


This includes a Billy anchor ($25) and a Shannon charm ($38). Note: to order the Billy anchor just as a charm alone go to the CREATE section and click on CHARMS

Rectangular pendant 1/3" wide x 11/3" long. $38 Fits up to 10 letters (after 7 letters, we will use our tiny font).

True friends give us something to hold onto and help us stay afloat. Our friends help us navigate the waters of life and get us where we need to go. Remind someone that they are 'your anchor' by giving them this friendship necklace.

With love as your anchor, it’s incredible the storms that can be weathered. Give it to a friend who needs encouragement, or get one for yourself.

Chain is extra.
16": $32
18": $35
24": $45
30": $50
33": $60

"I just wanted to let you know I got my Billy anchor charm yesterday and I love it! I can't wait to get my Wish for Tracy necklace to hang them on! What I like best about the charms is the quality and the thickness of the silver. They feel substantial and well made. Thank you for sending them so quickly!" - Janet, Toronto

63.00 CAD
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