Markham key - ONLY 1 left


ON SALE FOR $50; used to be $85.

This beautiful and substantial heart key is 3" long and nice and heavy. It is hand moulded from a vintage key from a what was once a hunting and fishing lodge in Quebec's Laurentien's - called Markham's Lodge.

Unlock your potential and the world's doors will open for you. Wear your necklace as a reminder that life is what you make of it... make it great!

The word “key,” which comes from the Old English word meaning “serving to open or explain,” has always had metaphorical associations, as in a means to uncover ideas or emotions that are hidden or blocked.

When a woman puts an antique key on a chain and wears it around her neck, close to her heart, it could mean any number of things, a mystery just begging to be unlocked. The precedent for jewelry as symbols goes back at least to Queen Victoria, who hardly ever wore jewelry that didn’t have a emotional message of love, hope or mourning.

$50 includes one letter as part of the price.

Chain is extra

(Note: In the last photo, it is the Markham key on the far left).

50.00 CAD
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