You can't go wrong with this simple best-selling ball bracelet. It is a staple for any jewelry box - like a classic black dress. It is the largest ball and the most durable (not elastic) of our collection.

It has a 3/4" round Linton circle that we can customize.

It fits up to 22 letters. About 10 letters will be stamped around the edge. More than 10, we will use our smaller font.

5 letters are free, $1/letter after 5.

Medium - 7"
Large - 8"

We can make it up to 9" upon special request.

Specify size in special instructions, please.

"I have a (Yasmine) ball bracelet with both my kids names, Spencer & Tess, hand stamped on the charm. I wear it every single day and it grounds me. Call it a talisman or a beautiful reminder of what is really important to me on this planet but whatever it is, I feel calm when I read their names. Sounds simple but when I’m treading water in the deep end and I look down at my wrist and see my kids names, I feel instantly like help has arrived. " Jack Hourigan, Guest Expert CityTV's Cityline.

120.00 CAD
select small or medium
A-Z, & or 0-9
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