October 2014

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"This fall I discovered the Canadian jewelry brand, Suetables, and fell in love with their selection of cuffs….I love how the Alice Cuff molds to my wrist adding lots of height without being super clunky. And because I have the world’s smallest wrists, the cuff cinches easily just by giving it a little squeeze – a hug to the kiss, if you will."

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"I’m proud that I am making a living doing what I love with a product that celebrates life and loved ones. I am proud that I am creating part time jobs for other moms through my rep growth model. I am proud that am am rebuilding my life. I am proud of my children who have taught me more about life and love than I ever imagined. They inspire me to do and be better."

Mothers of Reinvention
Eight inspirational moms who found a way to indulge their passions

Susan Henderson, Founder of Suetables silver jewelry
Eight years ago, Susan Henderson, a former communications exec for HGTV and Food Network in Canada, decided to become a stay-at-home mom after she had her second child. But then she was inspired by a find at a flea market jaunt on trip up the coast of Maine—a silver spoon hand-stamped with an initial. A longtime collector of silver spoons, that particular one inspired Henderson to create similar spoons for her friends who had babies—and that eventually led to Suetables, her line of hand-stamped sterling silver jewelry. “I love what having a creative outlet does for me as a person,” Henderson told “It has changed me in so many positive ways. I love that I can wake up in the morning and plan my own day. I love that I can chop vegetables while talking to a customer.”