Lauren Lee Smith is one of our all-time favorite “people wearing Suetables.” She’s a great actress, funny and stylish as hell.

She is staring in CTV/Fox's The Listener, and was nominated for a Gemini for Best Actress.

Best of all she wears her heart on her sleeve, she’s talented and is beautiful inside and out. And, of course, we love it that she asked her stylist if her character on The Listener could wear Suetables jewellery. She stakes Suetables bracelets with her watch.

Filmed on location in Toronto, The Listener’ is broadcast on CTV and Bravo! in Canada, and internationally by Fox International Channels in 120 countries and 33 languages.

Here’s Lauren, being Lauren - funny, spontaneous and, of course, wearing her Suetables' bracelets (pictured here are four Erin bracelets

Photo: Lauren Lee Smith wearing four Erin bracelets at a recent Toronto party