A Language in Layering

I love layering. I love the interaction of separate pieces coming together to create a unified outfit. I am most happy when I have at least three tops on (basic, top, outer) and the Canadian winters works well for this. But this doesn't just work for outfits, it works for jewelry too.

There is no straight answer in layering clothes or accessories. Despite countless magazine articles on this, there are no ‘Ten Commandments’ to achieving effortless classic style. What people say is ‘intuitive’ is, in reality, a lot of play and experimentation over the years.

I like to layer soft and textured fabrics (like soft cotton or silk paired with tweed or leather), accessorize with scarfs, sunglasses, handbags, boots and, of course, jewelry to finish off the outfit.

I have learnt that if you wear a layered bracelets, keep the necklace minimal. If you have a statement necklace or layered necklaces, keep the earrings and bracelet simple or bare. If you layer everything together, it will be too much - focus on one area!

Photo credit: Erik Steingroever