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Good bye 2011, Hello 2012


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January 1, 2012 - 8:56am -- Anonymous (not verified)

Oh what a year it has been! A fun, exciting, challenging, scary and busy year. I post the YAY sign above to celebrate that we've made it through a crazy busy and record-breaking holiday season. Phew!

Every year, I select a word or a few words and it becomes my theme for the year. It reflects where I am at or where I want to be. Last year, it was:


I think I accomplished that to some degree but, in the madness of the holiday retail season, I may have lost my way a few times. When you show up in the 'now', you don't have much time to expect. You become, I've discovered, more focused on the 'give', not the 'get'.

Most of you know, I launched a new web site early in November We are still working out the kinks but, so far, launching this collection and lifestyle brand has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in my professional life. I would not have made it through this year without the people that are around me. It was their constant support that got me through this. Oh and did I mention all of the great and loyal Suetables clients? Their emails of encouragement, thanks, feedback and stories truly inspire me and have kept me going along the way.

A big thank you goes to our new face of Suetables - actress Lauren Lee Smith who is so sweet and so real. Lauren also wore Suetables on the red carpet at the Gemini's this fall she also asked her stylist if she could wear some stacked Suetables' bracelets on CTV's The Listener this year. So, you will see Suetables Mondays at 9 pm on CTV.

Now onto 2012. If you don't mind I still need to hang onto LIVE THE MOMENT but I'll add a trio to it:


We are going to do bigger and better things this year with the Suetables brand. We're working with some talented people including Beth Hayhurst, Erik Steingroever and Bill Drummond

We are planning a trip to back to Taxco, Mexico to meet with our local partners and silversmiths there and also to Thailand for the Holiday 2012 line (I have not been there for 20 years!). There are some incredible crafts people in Asia and they have the ability to help me realize some designs and can help me weave leather, cord and textiles into the line.

I am so proud, actually relieved (if I am really honest), that I am making a living with a product that celebrates life and loved ones. I am also proud that I am creating those opportunities for other moms through our rep growth model. It has been such a pleasure signing on and working with our new and "veteran" reps this year. We now have 13 (10 Canadian and 3 US) amazing women signed on who sell Suetables in their own market. We talk daily and share insights and ideas on our rep Facebook page. I've have not yet met all of them but I feel a great sense of community with these woman. Many of the reps also have their own Suetables URL so they can sell online to their customers.

Today is a new day, a new year and a beginning. I trust that we'll get there together - once I learn to be where I am.

Here we go again (but first - a quick break to travel to powder snow with the family).

I wish you much love, more happiness and success.

Happy New Year.


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