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The girls of summer


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July 27, 2012 - 2:42pm -- Anonymous (not verified)

This summer Beaumaris Yacht Club (BYC) invited me to sell jewelry at their annual cocktail party.

One look at Lake Muskoka made me take a deep breath of gratitude. I had a quick flash back to my own childhood - summers spent on our lake in the Laurentions and camp too - a simpler and happy time.

This is where I get to go to work. This is my "office" today.

The club is a historic home first built in the 1900's - and they have kept that old-world charm. The focus is NOT fancy furniture, high-end finishes or waiters serving food and beverages to families (which you would expect), but the expansive view and experiences of cottage country - like sailing, boating, swimming, tennis, lifesaving and art.

Jewelry displays in hand, my sister and I arrived on the freshly painted white-and-grey porch. We were greeted by helpful young men offering to unload our vehicle, friendly staff and children busy painting large colourful canvases with art instructor (and refreshing and engaging writer/blogger) Nancy McDonald.

Now THIS is summer, I sighed inwardly. I smiled as I was placed at a table with a view to the water. This is going to be fun, I thought.

While we set up, the beautiful girls that work at the club (featured above) began to shop. These young woman understood the importance of story-telling and meaningful jewelry. I have done dozens of trunks shows with moms with young teens and tweens but this was my first trunk show that included women in their late teens/early twenties. One after the other, they shared with me the stories behind their own charms and 'arm candy' - which we mixed with new silver charms from my collection.

Two best friends wore a silver foot charm. I had to ask. The young woman told me, "I grew up on this lake with my best friend. She gave me this silver foot to remember all our summers running barefoot together." Another wore a tiny silver compass charm that her mother gave her before she went travelling to, "help her find her way." This same young woman now wanted to give her mother a meaningful charm as she was going through some positive life changes. And a third, wore a friendship bracelet with a crystal to keep them close during the winter months away from one another.

When one of the girls, could not financially justify getting herself a Suetables charm necklace, the rest of them insisted on contributing so that she could get one too. All of them celebrated their summer and friendship with a charm necklace and many purchased bracelets Many of them added a sterling silver charm with BYC on it, peace charms and a Billy anchor Many mixed gold with silver.

The 'girls of summer', as I called them, worked hard and played hard too - something we all strive for. They were past their childhood but firmly still working together in a place they grew up and still love.

Through their charms they continue to celebrate their bond, their past and the shinning days of summer.

As I will soon head off on a summer road trip to the beach with my own blended family, these young women reminded me of the magic that the days of summer hold for all us. They reminded me how it is fleeting - no matter how hard we try to hold on - but that it stays with us forever.

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