Celebrating little ones

When moms buy charms with their children's names or letters, it is often to have something special to celebrate their little ones. New moms get so many gifts for their baby, but not many gifts that are just for them.

When I first stamped my sons’ initials on my neck over six years ago, my boys were three and six. They loved playing with the tiny silver circle charms on my neck. I would look at their sweet faces and explain, “those are your special letters around my neck so I can keep you close to my heart”.

My boys are now nine and twelve. They no longer sit on my lap playing with my jewelry – they are more interested in sports, playing with friends and electronic devices. I had almost forgotten this sense of wonder they had with seeing their names letter pressed on sterling silver.

So, I was thrilled to get a recent twitter message from the Associate Editor at Today’s Parent Magazine, Tracy Chappell, reminding me of this. She tweeted, “I have one of your necklaces and my daughter tells me I’m never allowed to take it off because it is “her.”