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The Bright Side


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May 25, 2012 - 12:25pm -- Anonymous (not verified)

My father spent his lifetime seeing the bright side of things. He found the upside to every downside. For example, when he could no longer eat food (due to the tumors that lined his digestive tract), he said that it gave him more of his limited time to focus on his loved ones.

My father simply chose not to focus on the negative - in every instance - even when he could not drink. Or eat. Even when cancer stole his life at age 53.

What do you do when there are circumstances, outside your control, that force you to engage in negativity?

Anyone who has been forced to deal with legal issues will know what I am talking about. In these times, I try to call on what my father would do. Where is the upside? How do you pause and listen to what you and your family needs most? How do you focus on the business of living and not get caught up in the business of things? When forced to deal with and engage with a negative issue, how do you create space for positivity?

We all know people who say cancer or divorce or bankruptcy was the greatest gift. They say that until the body or heart or bank was broken, they didn’t know who they were, what they felt or what they wanted. We also know people who could not turn it around. Their despair turned them bitter, angry and more cynical.

Wishes are human nature. I have always felt that it was important to put a voice to our dreams and wishes. Sometimes losing your way helps you find a new way.

I have been stamping a lot of interesting orders from customers lately:

Out of darkness light (in latin)
Love big
See your light

As I stamp them this week, I find myself saying this words aloud. And they fuel me. I am so thankful for the internet, how it connects me to people.

My wish for today is this: That I find space to focus on what matters. That admits chaos, that I find calm.

Sometimes you need to pause, find your breath, and remember that the truth rests somewhere inside you.

What is your wish?

Photo credit: Beth Hayhurst

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