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Dream big like Genie

Today, I gave this letter to a old friend in hopes that it reaches Eugenie Bouchard sometime soon:

Hi Eugenie,

I have enjoyed watching your grit and determination on the court.

To celebrate who you are and all the greatness you represent for so many Canadians, I want to gift you this “tell your story” charm necklace - personalized with your first initial on a heart, a tennis racket personalized with a B for your last name, a pearl of wisdom (which also could represent a tennis ball), a Canadian maple leaf for your roots and a key - for you to unlock your goals.

Are you a sporty girl?

Meet our Suetables Sporty Girl!

She fluxes between yoga matt and the latest sales. She loves accessories that don't slow her down. No fuss and always in motion!

She is shown here wearing three Medium Kathryn love letter - they come in gold, rose gold or sterling silver.

If this is you or someone you are gifting, here is your place to shop!

These are fun characters are a fun new element to our growing line of personalized jewelry.

Our honour

We often see clients that are marking life events - marriages, christenings, birthdays, births. And deaths.

Our jewelry is a way to hold people we love close to our hearts. We are so honoured to share in your stories of love and loss. We love to find ways to celebrate those you love.

This week a client told us the story which we had seen, with heavy hearts, already in the news. A close friend of hers lost a young girl crossing the street nearby us. She wanted to give six family members, including her mother, something special.

You are your own star

I saved this photo of a daughter's friend from Chester, NS 2007 where I used to holiday with family.

My jewelry line was fairly new and this little girl was so interested in all the shinny silver I had displayed on our beach house picnic table - with a make-shift display of shells and driftwood.

Ladies of Suetables

We are excited to introduce to you the ‘ladies of Suetables’.

These characters will help you shop for gifts, narrow down your choices, or maybe simply bring a smile to your face. They are fun new element to our growing line of personalized jewelry.

Illustrator Heather Lafleur, aka @Blumenbabe http://instagram/blumenbabe says that, “behind every great brand there's a true character.”

Fashionably late

This versatile Suetables arrived fashionably late for our spring/summer line.

As a result, like a chic guest, it gets solo billing.

The Erin long turquoise can be worn three ways:

- around your neck, 34" long
- wrapped twice around your neck
- as a wrap bracelet as shown

So versatile, so summery and so right now.

Shop for it at

Unisex sailing rope bracelets

I am in my happy place with my boys making unisex sailing rope bracelets poolside with the help of my eldest son. Every summer, I take sailing rope and use a hot flame to permanently glue them onto their wrists or necks - often with a charm or a dog tag and usually before they head off to camp. So,when our North York rep discovered these cool upscale magnetic silver clasps, I was thrilled about the possibility of a removable summer unisex bracelet.

Braided sailing rope bracelets were a childhood staple.

Words as fuel

"Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of human meaning" - Maya Angelou

What is YOUR word? What inspires you? What do you desire? What represents you? Is it your mantra for life? Affirmation? Manifesto? Does it focus you? Elevate you? Support you?

Oh Canada!

Suetables is celebrating Canada Day with three new sterling silver jewelry designs in collaboration with Canadian actresses’ Enuka Okuma (Global TV/ABC’s Rookie Blue), Lauren Lee Smith (CTV’s The Listener) and Rachel Skarsten (Showcase’s Lost Girl).

Each actress reflected on “what it means to be Canadian” when creating their design, fusing influences from their youth, heritage, culture and family.

Full moon

The Cold Full Moon

I stood in the moonlight this morning.
The earth is slowly waking, whispering,
stretching, waiting for the sun.

Wonderous feeling cold white light
wrapping around me.

Lift me up, dance in the grass, sparkle
the trees with diamonds. Blessings.

- Kimberly Bator

Andie Moon Necklace: