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I have been wearing this new Mini Marianne on a 20" chain this week and loving it. I wear the front blank - with private reminders to myself at the side and back. I letter pressed my pendant with:

I can. I will.

While only one-inch long, the Mini Marianne feels solid - like the woman after whom it was named.

These are my...

Danielle Laporte is a Canadian entrepreneur and author that I have kept tabs on over the years. She recently wrote a book called, “The Desire Map” - all about desire and how to create the life we want to live. Love her words on friendship:

“If you have to choose between flying overseas to see your friends and painting the house this...

“In a person's lifetime there may be not more than half a dozen occasions that he can look back to in the certain knowledge that right then, at that moment, there was room for nothing but happiness in his heart.” ― Ernestine Gilbreth Carey, Belles on Their Toes

What are your favourite moments?

This Father's Day, celebrate family...

It's been an amazing start to spring, and if I could just bottle it up to capture it, I would.

Business is growing daily, reps are signing on weekly and we are launching some beautiful new items - including our Andie whisper thin necklace line and...

Make your mom feel loved on Mother's Day. Shop now at and show her she matters with the perfect gift.

NOTE: This Erin Links bracelet is on sale until May 1st at 5 pm for only $50; regularly $70. The charm fits 1-8 letters.

My mom has always anchored me. She listens to me, is the little voice inside my head and my moral compass.

To celebrate all mothers, this Billy anchor charm necklace and Billy anchor bracelet are on sale for 48 hours at

Order now in time for Mother's Day on May 11. It...

Today, on National Siblings Day, I want to celebrate my beautiful, talented and supportive sister, Kathy - without whom my life would not be the same.

Few people know that my sister helped me build Suetables. Kathy worked with me for a few years after Suetables took off in 2005.

She was the one who drew Suetables designs, hand...

As spring is almost on our doorstep but a sheet of ice still covers our front lawn, I have noticed ice and crystals everywhere this winter.

We have seen the magic of them in our ravines and on our ice-covered branches. We love the idea that no two crystals or snowflakes are alike.

Despite the chill that blew daily through our...

I have been following @Blumenbabe’s, aka Heather Lafleur’s, high-fashion original illustrations on Instagram. Along with many others (including designer Anya Hindmarch), I have regularly commented on them and LIKED many of them.

So, it was to my great delight, that these beautiful Suetables illustrations appeared on my Instagram feed via...

I was lucky enough to join my man on a business trip to San Jose del Cabo. We stayed at the beautiful Hilton Los Cabos.

With the ice storms, heavy snow and -20 frigid winter temperatures at home, the timing was perfect.

I was so inspired by the colour,...


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