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I see your tedious chores and negotiations. I hear your old stories of paths that led the wrong way.

And now, new-found wisdom.

I see you loosening the grip on envy, what you lost, the misunderstandings, the way things should have been.
I see you choosing, building, stepping forward to claim your path.

I see the...

It was one of those stressful days at work where jewelry orders were delayed, the construction work over my home studio sounded like they were coming through the ceiling (again), I had worked too many consecutive days (ok, weeks) without a day off and I may have sent an email to an already unhappy client with SO SORRY FOR YOUR INCONTINENCE (...

This season, the Neo-Victorian trend is showcased in the collections of fashion’s most renowned couture houses.

From Valentino to Givenchy, the classics of the Victorian aesthetic are everywhere. Think lace, ruffled blouses, high-necked collars, and lots of black — were juxtaposed with modern sensibilities such as high boots, peek-a-boo...

Last year, we purchased a beautiful Richard Johnson photograph of a Canadian red ice hut for our home. The artist explained that each photo was a limited edition, for example: 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 etc.

It was a big selling point for me, knowing I would not see my painting everywhere. All our original jewelry designs also have limited...

A broken heart

It's a cloudy, heavy, damp Maine day.

I took an afternoon walk to watch my son and friends surf the waves at the beach. Walking home in flip flops, I stopped and sat on the sea wall. I looked out at the cloudy sky and grey ocean. I listened to the rocks tumble back and forth in unison as the waves lulled them in...

A baker’s dozen

Against all odds, 13 has always been my lucky number.

As a child, you are always asked your favorite color and number. I chose sky blue and 13.

Did you know buildings often do not have a 13th floor? Owners have trouble renting on the 13th floor as residents are afraid they are inviting bad luck if they live...

Sometimes I look around at my competitors and friends and I think, “Wow! She’s so lucky.”

It’s easy chalk others’ success up to ‘good luck’, as though their efforts had nothing to do with the accomplishments and constant kudos’ and compliments that they attract.

Perhaps equating someone else’s success with “luck” makes it easier...

I wonder what would have happened if I said yes to going back to my career in TV communications in 2008 (when I need a full-time job) and said “no” to turning my hobby into a business.

Sometimes I picture my soul poking me in some other way and I would have found my path.

Eventually you have to give in to your heart.


If we’ve learned anything from the Cannes Film Festival it’s that glitzy statement jewelry is very much having a moment.

Case in point: The crystal-embellished chokers spotted on more model-slash-It-girls than we can keep track of.

As the Zoe Report says, "The bold bauble is a fail-safe way to add glitz to your black-tie ensemble...

We love many of our designs but this Rachel ring is one of our prouder moments.

We designed this signet in collaboration with actress Rachel Skarsten (Lost Girl, 50 Shades of Grey, Reign).

I loved that she was so clear about where she wanted to go with this.

The ring is all about growth and celebrating Rachel's Canadian...


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