Do you want to be part of progressive company who's goal is to help inspire other people through our unique creations?

Would you like to be self-employed and work part time? Do you crave a creative outlet and a flexible job that fits into your busy life? Suetables is the answer to the career your mother never had. With Suetables, we make it easy to start your own flexible home business and sell a special, quality product. Choose what you love in our product line and we will set you up with "business in a box". 

For as low as $1200 ($850 is wholesale jewelry you can sell; $350 accounts for start-up tools), you can invest in the hand stamps/tools and a selection of silver to get your business started. New reps get $200 worth of free jewelry (retail value) to wear when you sign up. Suetables is looking for motivated reps with strong organizational skills, online savviness or online network of friends, creative thinking, exceptional customer service and a positive attitude to sell to family, friends and work colleagues. Plus, you get a great discount for jewelry for yourself! There is no multi-level marketing or pressure tactics. Reps buy jewelry upfront, learn to hand stamp and run their own businesses. This position is for the person who has a talent for promoting a product (creative merchandising) and providing personalized service. Work the hours you want and reap what you sow.

Currently our roster of sales reps which include moms, dental hygienists, real estate agents, interior designers, spa and hair salon owners, fundraisers, nurses and university students all of whom sell at trunk shows, online on personalized web sites and many at local markets.

Suetables is different than other jewelry companies - it is small, established (in business for 10 years), personal and reps learn to hand stamp the silver with a hammer and steel nail impressions. The owner and sales manager also still do trunk shows in downtown Toronto so they understand the business first hand. We also do not over saturate markets with reps - usually with only one or two reps per market (depending on the  market size) so please tell us where you are from if you inquire about becomming a rep. For example, a large market like Toronto or Chicago might have 5-7 reps and a smaller market like Calgary or Dallas might have only 2-3 reps in different areas.

Suetables' reps run their own companies, get their own personalized web site to sell anywhere they want and work with clients to create the perfect mix of charms that reflects their lives. The reps are PART of the creative process because what you stamp on your pendant and how you put it together makes each Suetables unique and one of a kind. Our reps don't just sell an item to someone - they help create it.

We are looking for self starters keen to invest upfront in inventory, grow their markets, book their shows and work part time with a schedule that works for them and fits in with their family life. Contact Sue at

Rep testimonial: “I was a stylist [for North America’s largest direct sales jewelry company] and reached the Star Stylist level with 12 stylists under me.  I had a ton of fun with the line for the first few years but I ran out of steam. I found the product was getting extremely pricy for costume pieces, I was having quality issues and processing many returns, back orders were a cause for stress.  Closing Trunk Shows was typically a hassle and the pressure to flood the market with signing up more stylists was getting to me.  I signed up many new gals, trained them, and co-hosted many of their launches. Unfortunately 9 times out of 10, most stylists were inactive after only a few months.  

I felt like I was just spinning my wheels.....then along came Suetables!  A smaller company that cares about their reps, with an owner that actually answers the phone! If you enjoy direct selling and love jewelry but are looking for a hassle-free business, this is it. Sell from your table, no more back orders to deal with as you sell what you show. Trunk Shows close in a moment as the hostess takes her credits right out of your stock before you pack up and all with higher margins [50%]!  And the best part, high quality product that sells itself.  What's not to like!” Shelley, Calgary, Alberta.


NOTE: we are looking for a Vancouver rep as well as reps in many US cities.

Rep above: Lisa Bradley Gann and her daughter - Victoria, British Columbia