Arm candy - the more the merrier

Arm candy has been on trend for about a year. In case you've been reluctant to dive in, now is the time to dig out your old charms, heirloom bracelets and resurrect your friendship bracelets.

When it comes to layered bracelets, the more the merrier! And if you don't have enough in your jewelry box, check out our wide selection of bracelets and charms and customize to your hearts content As Vogue Magazine said of this trend: "WHY wear one piece when five look even lovelier?"

With looks including glam, boho, ethnic, rocker, vintage, it is all fun, but here are a few tips:

- Make sure you have at least 3 layering pieces.
- Add at least two bracelets to your watch if you wear one. It adds a fashion-foward sense of glam.
- Don't be afraid to mix and match charms, textures and colours
- At the heart of many of these looks is a great watch (I opted for pink Michael Kors gold watch this season. A fashionable NYC sales girl convinced on Fifth Avenue and I am a sucker for accessories!)
- Feel free to mix gold, pink gold, silver, leather and beads - it is all fun!
- Make sure your bracelets are not too loose and overlapping each other too much. Fit does matter with bracelets too!
- Don't layer EVERYWHERE. I have learnt that if you wear a layered bracelets, keep the necklace minimal. If you have a statement necklace or layered necklaces, keep the earrings and bracelet simple or bare. If you layer everything together, it will be too much - focus on one area!

Most of all have fun and wear pieces you love and have meaning for you!

Torontonians: If you want my input, come to your WALK-IN Wednesdays in Toronto all September and October! We will personally help you select something cool (bring your own stuff too!). Email me at for location details. (and you can meet Billie, my new nine week old puppy!)